Adult Puppet Cabaret
Cabaret: Cabaret has its origins in 19th-century Paris, at Le Chat Noir, where musicians and poets performed in a casual atmosphere where people felt free to eat and drink. The word and descriptions of cabaret are derived from the French word meaning "wine cellar" to describe the small room where this form of entertainment was born. Over time, European cabaret evolved into a number of forms, including comedy, burlesque and sociopolitical satire.In America, cabaret was performed in speakeasies and other intimate nightclub venues and evolved into a much more jazz-infused style of performance. New York City nightclubs, like the Cafe Carlyle, feature singers associated with music from a genre known as the Great American Songbook.Today, cabaret is its own, identifiable art form, distinctive from musical theatre, nightclub singing, or a concert. The most essential elements of cabaret are simple: a performer in a small room with an audience at close range, seated around cozy tables, with the performer mere feet from the audience.
Adult Puppet Cabaret - A Hole in Your Stocking 2
Maire Hitchcock Puppet Theater in Balboa Park
2130 Pan American Rd W, San Diego, CA 92101
 Dec. 18 7-10PM
$10 Presale
$15 at the door

APC sponsored in part by The Puppet Slam Network
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